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“No two people are the same. Using scientifically informed wellness strategies, cognitive behavior therapy, medicine, meditation, and shared community dialogue on a global scale, you won’t just learn a transformative approach to wellness and pain management…you’ll live it.”

~ Dr. Annas Aljassem

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Why Do You Need A Strength in Relief Approach To Wellness?

With a revolutionary approach to pain management with Dr. Annas Aljassem and LIVE wellness coaching from Dr. Zoë Read, Strength in Relief is a transformative wellness strategy that shows you step-by-step how to take back control of your well-being.

On Wellness

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What Does It Mean To Find Your True North?

Discovering your True North is about following your internal compass: a combination of your purpose and values. Get ready, we’re going to teach you how to embrace your body and achieve fulfillment, power, and self-confidence. While we have little control over the way patient’s bodies have been devalued and betrayed, we have tremendous control over the ways we respond to the pressures and pain that result.

About Us

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Why I Became a Doctor

My name is Dr. Annas Aljassem. I hold five board certifications. My father was a Ph.D. My two uncles were doctors. My sister is a doctor. You might say high academic achievement just runs in the family and I became what I was always destined to be. Only if my story was that simple. What started out as a single-minded ambition to heal the sick has become something much more – something I didn’t expect or want. Yet, I find myself where I am today.

The Physician’s Champion: “A doctor working to inspire doctors.”

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Our Practice

At Strength in Relief Medical Center we treat patients that have failed in our current pain management clinics. Not only that, we actually help them in meaningful ways beyond pain management. Our patients are individuals living with chronic pain, use disorder, and horrific diseases. Taking a truly multidisciplinary approach we get patients back into a functional state so they can live with dignity. Are we miracle workers? No, we’re just practicing evidence-based medicine in ways that the modern healthcare bureaucracy doesn’t encourage.

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Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to treat the whole individual, not just their pain. We listen. We connect. And, above all else, we care. By tailoring medical treatments to the individuals specific biology and medical conditions, our care plans often lead to more conservative medication regimens, improved mobility, and an overall better quality of life.

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Our Biggest Challenge Now

This is a call to my fellow physicians. We collectively are in a place that no doctors before us have been. We’re struggling to honor our oath, put our years of training into practice, and fulfill our “True North” as the healers the world needs now more than ever. The medical profession is in crisis. The suicide rate among doctors is more than double the general population. Too often our hands are tied, our voices silenced, and our minds muted.

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The Life We Save Must First Be Our Own

To serve our patients we must serve each other. This is my platform to share what I’ve learned with my fellow physicians and make connections to share new ideas on how we can grow together and be the doctors we first dreamed of when that initial spark of inspiration entered our minds and started the fire that burns inside each of us.

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