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Pain Standards Consulting

Currently developing pain and addiction standards for the California Correctional Health Care Services. This includes ensuring 15000 inmates have proper treatments for substance use disorder, and helping wean inmates from unnecessary addictive medications.

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Preop High Dose Weans

Our focus is to help patients that are on high dose opioids optimize their regimens to ensure success after surgeries. We know patients requiring high dose opioids prior to surgical intervention are at high risk for intractable pain requiring higher and higher doses to manage their chronic pain. Let our specialists review your regimen to help wean you off unnecessary pain medications helping you heal, recover and focus on living.

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Cancer Rehabilitation

Patients who have cancer often experience side effects such as fatigue, weakness, and pain both during and after treatment. More specific symptoms also include lymphedema, radiation fibrosis, neuropathy, joint pain and trismus. Our cancer rehabilitation providers are skilled in diagnosing and treating these symptoms and limitations, helping to improve and restore patients’ quality of life.

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Polypharmacy Zombie

Strength In Relief Clinics empower individuals to find their purpose. We commit to helping PREVENT SUD, connecting with those who are suffering, and providing resources for people who are struggling. By utilizing the basics, we employ effective pain management techniques tailored to health. Our focus is on empathy, quality, safety, and RELIEF each patient during their journey to full

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Mentoring: Our Biggest Challenge is Now

This is a call to my fellow physicians. We collectively are in a place that no doctors before us have been. We’re struggling to honor our oath, put our years of training into practice, and fulfill our “True North” as the healers the world needs now more than ever. The medical profession is in crisis. The suicide rate among doctors is more than double the general population. Too often our hands are tied, our voices silenced, and our minds muted.

The life we save must first be our own.

To serve our patients we must serve each other. This is my platform to share what I’ve learned with my fellow physicians and make connections to share new ideas on how we can grow together and be the doctors we first dreamed of when that initial spark of inspiration entered our minds and started the fire that burns inside each of us.

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